I was recently invited by the amazing and inspiring storyteller Shonaleigh to create some monsters for a residential workshop (Walking the Wild Woods) she was running for other storytellers. She said this workshop is all about change, and learning to see the extraordinary in the ordinary. She asked each participant to send, along with their payment, and paperwork, and all that gubbins, a sock, and a brief biography of themselves. I was then given these socks, and these stories, and used them to create a monster for each person, which I hope in some way reflected a little of their personality. The ordinary became the extraordinary.

'Nooo, we're not supposed to play with matches, we'll get in trouble' 'Ah come on, they'll never know. Hey, watch this...'

When the monsters were presented, halfway through the course, the reactions of their new owners just gave me the biggest buzz 😀 Everyone was amazed, and thrilled. And really, that’s what I love the most about sock monsters, their unfailing ability to make people smile.

'I want to watch Noggin the Nog' 'You chose last time!' 'Give me that'

I’d love the opportunity to do another project like this, so if you know anyone who’d be interested, you know where to send them!

I got you, babe