Well, I got to do my first ever Picky Miss birthday party last weekend, and it was great!  I had fun, and I’m pretty sure the partygoers did too.  “A Picky Miss party?”  I hear you say, “Is that a bit like an Ann Summers party?”.  Sadly (or not), no it isn’t.  It’s your own personal sock-monster-making workshop, in your house, for your friends.  I even bring the socks.

Anyway this was Philippa’s party, and we had Fun.  The monsters that emerged from the sock pile that evening were, in my opinion, just brilliant.  I was particularly impressed by those who claimed, at the beginning of the evening, that they couldn’t sew, and would never be able to make a monster.  Guess what? They did! (Guilty as charged, left of photo)

finished monsters

Monster-making as a social bonding activity.  There were periods of intense concentration, but mostly it was a good chance to chat (and eat delicious home-made biscuits).



I encourage people to stitch first, and cut out later, so making a start with the scissors marks you out as someone who has successfully negotiated the first challenge!  And it’s when you get to the mouth, that your stuffed sock really starts to look like a monster.  Very exciting.


When you’ve finished sewing, and stuffing, your monster, it’s going to need some eyes and embellishments.  And you thought choosing a sock was hard 🙂

choosing buttons

Finished monsters, happy sewers!  A birthday party like no other.

happy sewers
If *you* would like to treat your birthday guests to a workshop with a difference, please do not hesitate to get in touch.  Your guests will get a new skill, their own sock monster, and a party bag full of goodies; you will get more kudos than you know what to do with, for throwing the most fun, most unusual party ever.

sewing the eyes

I am based in Sheffield, but may consider travelling further afield.