Wow, I’ve just got back from the most amazing weekend! I took my monsters to Festival at the Edge, where not only did I get to experience some awe-inspiring storytelling, but also got to show lots of enthusiastic people how much fun it is to make a sock monster. Even my designated ‘Artist Liaison’ (yes, I had my own Artist Liaison, I’m still showing off about that) and event steward got involved, they just couldn’t resist!

Doorkeeping and monster-making, high-vis vest optional

From just three basic patterns, people somehow made each monster different – this release of imagination is what really gives me a buzz about running workshops.

Homeward bound

One person made a cat-monster, another a snail. I even saw one monster (from a young lad who enjoyed the first workshop so much he came back the next day for another go!) dressed in a dinner jacket, with brass buttons, carrying a white rose, because “he’s just on his way back from a wedding”.
If you were at one of these workshops, please send me a picture of your monster, and I’ll post it on here. Sorry to those who missed all the fun, but I’m sure you ended up doing something just as brilliant 🙂


Big love to the festival organisers, I had so much fun both teaching and learning.