It has been brought to my attention that a fair few visitors to this site are looking not for quirky cross stitch, cuddly monsters, or how to season crocodile soup, but are in fact thirsting for the knowledge that will enable them to go away and make *their own* sock monster. Well hey, as an obsessive trawler of internet crafty how-to’s myself, let me see what I can do to help.

Without further ado, I give you:

How to make a sock monster

Warning: I am much better at showing than explaining. You may need to stretch your imagination to get much sense out of these instructions (or better still, book me to do a workshop party πŸ™‚ See what I did there?).

OK, let’s start with this little lady, Princess Katoosh. Ain’t she a dainty?

You will need:
*Two socks – one for the body, one for arms
*Needle and thread (contrasting thread is better for seeing where you’ve stitched. Matching thread is for confident sewers and crazy people)
*Pen or chalk – for drawing where to stitch.
*Buttons, stuffing, and embroidery silk/cotton

Golden rule: stitch before cutting. Seriously, it makes life much easier.

Now, with the princess, her legs are the leg of the sock, and she sits on the heel. Her ears are the foot of the sock. Make sense? So, lay out your sock, inside out, draw two legs and two (or however many) ears thus:

monster outline

Sew along the lines to make the ears, then do the same with the legs, remembering to leave a hole between the legs for the stuffing!

Then cut around the ears/legs, leaving a small seam allowance. Hey don’t ask me how much; enough. It depends how big your sock is. Now you need to make the arms. Cut two rectangles of sock material, the length you want the arms to be. Fold in half (right side in) and stitch along the side and across one end. Turn inside-out, and stuff lightly to make a sausage shape.

Right, here is where you have to use your creativity a bit, because you need to snip two small holes for the arms, somewhere between your unstuffed monster’s ears and legs. Look at the Princess, see where hers are. Just eyeball it. Don’t cut big holes – it’s a sock, it will stretch, and it’s much better to have a hole too small than too big. Just a wee snip. Then, stuff your (monster’s) arms up inside the monster and poke the open end out through the hole (one through each hole, obviously, not both through one hole. That would look silly.), then secure by sewing a line straight across.


This will close the armhole and the hole in the end of the arm. Oh, this isn’t making any sense. Is it?

When that’s done, turn your sock the right way out, and now what you should have is a sock monster skin, with arms. Eeugh. Quick, stuff some stuffing in to make it look less gruesome. Stuff gently, and use a chopstick to poke bits of stuffing right up into the ear tips. When your monster looks as plump as you’d like it, sew up the gap between the legs using ladder stitch, or however you find easiest. Next use your embroidery thread to sew on some eyes, and use satin stitch to sew a nose. Or just use another button. Or anything you like. Look, it’s your monster, you make the face however you want! A tip, though, is that you can hide beginning/ending of threads by knotting it under the button eyes. Sneaky huh?

Oh wow, look! You did it! Yay! Well done πŸ™‚

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