Want to own some Picky Miss creations?  Well, take a look in my Etsy shop. Just click on the image to go and browse!
Picky Miss at Etsy.com

Oh hey, what do you mean you want something different? You can just ask you know. Scroll on down for more details on made-to-order monsters (my favourite) and stitchings…

Embroidery first!  I can do bespoke embroidery and cross stitch for any occasion, celebration, or just because.  Any size, from tiny Mario to the mighty Cthulhu.  please view my Flickr gallery tosee the range of work I produce.  If you have an idea, but are not sure exactly what you want, please get in touch and see if I can help – I love a challenge!  see “How I Work” for more information.

Now monsters: Yes, I love making monsters for real people. You ask, I’ll do. Just drop me a line and feed me some details. I can’t promise exact designs, but give me an idea of any special features/colours/personality you’d like, and I will create something weird and wonderful, just for you.

Some recent requests have been:
[1]”…the oldest girl is 13, she likes green and the crazier the better, and [name] is only small so ribbons and no buttons would be brilliant, she is a pink girly girl.” (the monsters’ subsequent close embrace for photographic purposes prompted much concern on the Picky Miss Facebook group as to whether they would be ‘rehomed’ together, as to separate them would obviously be cruel)


Weird & green, cute & pink

[2]”Can you do one with orange hair and a mobile phone?”


She has orange pigtails, btw

[3]”…she likes strong female characters, and terracotta orange.”


The ultimate matriarch

Standard charge for a made-to-order monster is £26 plus p+p (see “postage & packing” link on right). You give me a ‘design spec’, I’ll then give you a rough idea of how long it’ll take (order early for Christmas!). Once the monster is made, I’ll email you a photo. If you’re happy with it, you send me the money, and I’ll send you the monster. If you’re not happy, you’re under no obligation to buy, just get back in touch and we’ll see what we can work out.

I also do larger projects such as this one here, where I was asked to create a personal monster for each of the 14 participants in a storytelling workshop. Great fun. Monster prices are reduced for ‘bulk orders’, please ask for details.



3 Responses to “Etsy Shop”

  1. Colette Says:

    I just stumpled upon your website while looking for sock-monster instructions! I am new to the world of sock monsters. it all started with a love of sock monkeys, but mine always came out looking goofy, so after viewing websites like your i have learned to embrace the goofiness and let loose! Thanks for the inspiration!!

    1. Yes, goofiness must always be embraced 😀 Let loose your imagination, and send me a pic; I’d love to have other people’s sock creatures to put on my site! Personally I love the way sock monsters never turn out like you’d expect, that’s the best bit 🙂

  2. Arg, that was meant to be from me-as-Picky-Miss, stupid WordPress. It’s still me though.

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