Two winners, to be precise. You lot have been making some virtuous resolutions, and I’m very impressed. I hope you can stick to them, at least for a couple of months.

Mat, in Alberta, Canada, decided “not to make any resolution; I’m just going to take each day as it comes and wing it.”.  Very wise, and easy to stick to.

Michelle, in Tyne & Wear, came so close to winning my heart (and my calendar) by promising to “actually post, to Abi, the jiffy bag full of stripy odd socks that have been providing a hiding place for our resident Tegenaria duellica (house spider to you) for the past seven months”. You know, that was so sweet until it came to the spider bit. Nul points.

Sophie, in Nottingham, has resolved  “no longer to fruitlessly try to match up all those lonesome socks that keep accumulating in the boys’ laundry baskets, but to save them, admire them and recreate them as sock monsters of the future, then I am going to find an old pillow case, fill it and adorn it with sock plants, sock geysers, sock volcanoes and sock craters, then all my new sock monsters will have the perfect home – for they will indeed be … Sock Clangers!”. Brilliant! I love this idea so much I may just have to send Sophie a sticker. You know, like the ones you get at the dentist telling the world how brave you were and what shiny crocodile-like teeth you have. Only about socks.

So it was close, but the two that stood out for me, for different reasons, were:

Tammy, in Sheffield: “My new year’s resolution is to have more cocktails on Friday evenings”. A shining example of humanity’s ability to better itself. A calendar for you, my dear, to mark off just how many Fridays you manage. Chin chin!

Tashy, in Paderborn, Germany : “To leave Germany this year please I am a vegetarian no more BLOODY Bratwurst!”. This touched my very soul, having once stayed with family in Denmark for two weeks and being offered a probable sum of three portions of greens the whole time.   So unto you, Tashy, will be given a calendar, so you can count down the days to repatriation (or at least keep track of when market day is so you can get some veg!).

My own New Year’s Resolution is quite boring and predictable, but this picky miss has decided to turn her most particular standards inwards, and get in shape. My gluteus needs to be a little less maximus. So there you go. Best of luck everyone, here’s wishing you every blessing and success in 2010. Remember, aim for the moon; if you miss, you still land among the stars.


Happy New Year everyone, and to cheer us up in all this snow, I am giving away two 2010 desk calendars!
All you have to do is send me an email (you can use the contact form on this site) by next Tuesday, 12th Jan, and tell me what your New Year’s Resolution is. I’ll put the best ones up on the website. The ones I and the monsters think rock the most will win a cute little calendar, to help you keep track of when you should have achieved them by 😉 And maybe a couple of other bits n bobs too, who knows…

With fabulous photography by Sarah Cole, these will undoubtedly be the Antiques Roadshow “super finds” of the future.

A monstrously good (see what I did there?) way to keep track of 2010. I know, as a working parent, how the days and weeks just run away from you when you’re not looking. One day it’s January, then you turn your back for a minute and suddenly it’s the Easter holidays. Outrageous. Don’t let it happen next year; with a fabulous monster (beautifully photographed by Sarah Cole) to keep each month in check, use this funky desk calendar to show 2010 who’s boss.
£8 including p+p, contact me for details (this one isn’t in the shop).