Just to let everyone know, at very short notice (oops), that Picky Miss will be at the Craft Candy mini this Saturday (9th). 1-5pm at Bungalows and Bears, Division Street, Sheffield.

There will be monsters and stitchings and the chance to create your own stitched bunting carriage for the Fair Fares Now craftivist action.

See you there!


A couple of weekends ago (yes, I am a slack blogger,  sorry)  I ran another workshop for the fabulous Craft Candy, teaching people how to make their very own sock monsters.

Hard at work

Tee hee.  I can report it went brilliantly – I had great fun, and I hope the participants did too.  I totally love seeing what kind of monsters other people come up with.

Mr Tickle? Mrs?

I give people a choce of just two patterns, yet every monster turns out different; this to me is why I love monsters so much 🙂

The creators of these two lovelies used exactly the same base pattern.  Twins? Or partners in crime?  You decide.  Whatever, I think they rock.

If you’d like me to run a workshop for your group/workplace/party,  check my workshop page, and get in touch!

I knew I was right to keep everything. I knew there was a use for the leftover scraps of leftover scraps of leftover socks, and I was right. Ha. I give you… sock scrap pincushion turtles!

Some people would have thrown these bits away – shame on them. He he, Smug Mode 🙂

I’ll be making a whole pile more of these in time for next week’s (yes, next week folks!) Spring Fling at the Millennium Galleries, so if you’re short of a pincushion, or a monster, then come and say hi.

No doubt I’ll be plugging this more as the time approaches, but make sure you save the date for the fantabulous Craft Candy Spring Fling!

Well, maybe not. These cute little winged beasts are off to the Candy Cane Christmas Fair this weekend, and would love to see you there too. It runs for two days (Saturday and Sunday), to fit in as many wonderful handmade delights as possible. Picky Miss will be exhibiting on the Sunday. An amazing chance to stock up on fabulous and unusual gifts for Christmas – I know I will be.

Yes, irresponsible though it may sound, I have been teaching people to make sock monsters – more sock monsters! – at my Craft Candy monster making workshop. I love the way everyone’s monster turned out different, even though people were working from the same pattern. You see? Every monster is unique, no matter how hard you try to make it otherwise – this is the beauty of them, and why I love sock monsters so much.

I’m happy to teach more workshops – frankly I think everyone should make sock monsters – so do get in touch if you’d like me to run one for your group or organisation, or even birthday party. I am also fully CRB checked to work in schools.