I’ve been doing some swapping lately.  Very ‘economically inactive’ of me, I know.  I’m sure George Osbourne is very sad.  I can’t tell you about the excitingness that is the Flickr craft swap yet, because my swapee hasn’t received the thingamajig I made her, and neither have I received whatever my designated swapper has made for me.  So it’s all a bit hush-hush, but I’m hoping I can brag about it soon 😉 But I am at liberty to share this, because it really made my day.

I noticed a call-out on Twitter last week, from SnapdragonJane in Scotland, saying she was running short of ‘tiny floral print’ fabrics – if anyone could send her some, she’d send some goodies in return.  Of course I was like, heck yes!  I mean, who couldn’t do with these guys to sort out their day?

The Goodies
I gathered later she meant ‘things she’d made’, which was disappointing, but only for a few milliseconds. I remember seeing some of her stuff at Eco Eco in Hope, and loving it. So I thought yes, lady you have pleased me by the lovely things you make, I’m sure I can have a rummage in my fabric stash for something in return. And if I get a cute button badge out of it, well that’s just a bonus.

So turns out I did have some fabric of that ilk, and got in touch, and sent it off. And did I get a wee button badge? Not even close. I got the most awesome parcel of loveliness ever, and it even came in a bright green envelope! How stunning!

snapdragons garden goodies


I mean, just lookee! A big sheet of giftwrap, a packet of funky stickers (my daughter has already appropriated one sheet), and some amazingly groovy postcards (also with bright green envelopes – I’m so happy). Wow. So, just to get this straight, this blog post is one big plug for the superbly talented and very generous Snapdragon Garden. Go buy her stuff, now, and lots of it. And get me one of those darn tootin tea cosies while you’re about it; ain’t they the cutest?


OK, I confess, I am sometimes quite taken aback with just how lovely some of my monsters turn out. “But you made them! Surely you know what they’re going to look like?” – um, no. If I was an expert stitcher, I could plan and predict exactly what my needle would create. But I’m not, plus every sock stretches in a *slightly* different way. Anyway, the unpredictability of monster-making is precisely why I love it so much.
So, every now and then, I have a go at something a little bit different, and then when it’s finished I stand back in amazement and think ‘where did that come from? It’s gorgeous!’. Yes, duh, I’m biased. But… don’t you think this is just a little bit cute?