Goodness, 2011 already (and still no jet-packs), how did that happen? I hope y’all had a great holiday season, and gave and received lots of handmade presents. I started to teach myself (well, with books, obviously) embroidery last year, and I must say I’m pretty pleased with my progress so far. You’ll find some of these in my Etsy shop:

Some cross-stitchery

and this is what my eldest sister got for Christmas (I can’t show you what my other sister got, because I haven’t even posted it yet. Very bad)

For the curious, there is more embroidery to be seen on my Flickr stream.

Anyhow, I am determined to make this a year of working. I attended some training in December which means I am now qualified to offer accreditation on the Arts Award scheme, to Bronze and Silver level. I’m quite excited by the possibilities this opens up, so I’ll let you know how I get on. I’ve also got my first workshop of the year this weekend – a birthday craft party for someone who came to my workshop at Festival at the Edge back in July! How cool is that!

Created at workshop for Dronfield Library

I’m going to be updating my workshop pages and publicity this week, so do check back, or get in touch, for more info. I’m CRB checked, fully insured, and sensible 🙂 so if you fancy a crafty birthday party, or a workshop for your library/community group/staff, you know what to do!


Wow, I’ve just got back from the most amazing weekend! I took my monsters to Festival at the Edge, where not only did I get to experience some awe-inspiring storytelling, but also got to show lots of enthusiastic people how much fun it is to make a sock monster. Even my designated ‘Artist Liaison’ (yes, I had my own Artist Liaison, I’m still showing off about that) and event steward got involved, they just couldn’t resist!

Doorkeeping and monster-making, high-vis vest optional

From just three basic patterns, people somehow made each monster different – this release of imagination is what really gives me a buzz about running workshops.

Homeward bound

One person made a cat-monster, another a snail. I even saw one monster (from a young lad who enjoyed the first workshop so much he came back the next day for another go!) dressed in a dinner jacket, with brass buttons, carrying a white rose, because “he’s just on his way back from a wedding”.
If you were at one of these workshops, please send me a picture of your monster, and I’ll post it on here. Sorry to those who missed all the fun, but I’m sure you ended up doing something just as brilliant 🙂


Big love to the festival organisers, I had so much fun both teaching and learning.