Want to be part of a huge global art project?  Check this out, and if you want to stitch a patch, get in touch.  I don’t care if you can’t sew for toffee, that’s the whole point; this is open to everyone.

**Adding the EDC ex-page here as a kind of archive – see below**
NEW NEWS (29th Sept)
Well, we’re doing pretty well so far – one patch complete, and 8 out of 12 patches allocated to willing volunteers. Well, volunteers, anyway. Tomorrow – Thursday 30th – sees the project move to Access Space , for some real-life human contact. I’ll be there from 12.30-2pm to help people get their heads (and fingers) round how non-mysterious embroidery really is.

There’s still time to get involved, so contact me if you’d like to join in!

The ‘Embroidered Digital Commons’ is based on the beautifully crafted language of the Concise Lexicon of/for the Digital Commons (Sarai, 2003) written by the Raqs Media Collective. The full lexicon is an A-Z of the interrelationship between social, digital and material space.
It is an artwork faciltiated by Ele Carpenter as part of the Open Source Embroidery project, utilising social and digital connectivity. This distributed embroidery aims to collectively stitch terms from the Lexicon as a practical way of close-reading and discussing the text and it’s current meaning.
As part of this project, Picky Miss will be facilitating the stitching of the term “Access”

This phrase will be split into short blocks of text, which will be distributed amongst participants (willing or otherwise!) to be stitched onto patches of fabric. These patches will then be gathered back together – but quite how we’ll do this remains to be decided 🙂 It may become a curtain, or a tent, or something else entirely – whatever the stitchers collectively feel best represents the idea of “access”.

Workshops/stitching drop-ins will be run, by me, in Sheffield. They’ll be running 12.30-2pm for three consecutive Thursdays – 30/09, 07/10 and 14/10 – at Access Space free media lab on the corner of Sidney Street and Brown Street (not far from the Showroom cinema). If you’d like to get involved, please come along, or just get in touch and sign up for some text! You don’t have to be in Sheffield, or able to attend the sessions; if you need any support I can keep in contact via email.

More details about the project are to be found on the Open Source Embroidery website, and I will post updates on the Access text progress on this site as we go along.