Behold, a magical butterfly garden! in a shop!

Shiny new space! This was the butterfly garden in the Imaginarium, but my new site is similarly welcoming

Hallo, just a quick reminder that this website has now moved to a spiffy new space, so if you want to keep up to date with my latest shenanigans you’ll need to hop on over to the new and sign up to follow me there.  Not only is the site all new and shiny, and much easier to navigate round, but there’s more to explore, plus more and more regular blogging.  I have a fair bit of fun up my sleeve this summer, so check out the Imaginarium of Wonderment, keep your eyes peeled for news of Festival at the Edge, and browse my recent stitchy endeavours.

It doesn’t look like many of my followers here have followed me to the new site, so come on – I miss you guys!