I think it’s time I reminded people that I do parties! That’s right, why have a boring party, when you and your friends can learn to make sock monsters instead? I can do children’s parties (generally over 9’s only, but I can be flexible, so get in touch) and grown up parties.  They’re much the same, but I’ve found the grown up parties tend to involve more wine 🙂  Also hen parties, stag parties (you know you want to), and whatever-other-parties. Parties!  I will bring all the materials, including worksheets, and remain on hand to teach and talk you through every stage of making your very own sock monster. It’s amazing fun, and your guests will love you for it.

Creativity with socks - the best party fun ever

Creativity with socks – the best party fun ever

I also run workshops, for schools, community groups, festivals, anything you like really.  I can teach monster-making, or other sewing skills, or a creative tie-in with something you’re already doing (an example of this was a ‘Make Do and Mend’ workshop I ran with a class of Y4s, to complement their studies of life on the ‘home front’ during WWII). Please see my Workshops page for further details, and/or get in touch via the contact page.

Sock-monster-making workshop at 'Festival at the Edge' storytelling festival

Sock-monster-making workshop at ‘Festival at the Edge’ storytelling festival



Just another snuggly, cuddly, bescarved monster looking for a forever home. In my Etsy shop.


Eternally optimistic, and a little bit cheeky. Puka may be covered in skulls and crossbones, but really she’s just a playful sweetie. In my Etsy shop

It’s a crazy old place isn’t it, this internet?  I’ve just put three more monsters into my Etsy.com shop,

Rainbow Sock Chicken!

and relisted a few fabric-y stitchy things too.

Rainbow ribbon coasters

You may want to go take a peek.  Tell your friends, too, I’m sure they’ll thank you.  I mean, there’s only so much LOLcats you can take in one day, even if it is a Friday.  Ooh, speaking of which, it isn’t just ANY Friday, it’s a fifth Friday – not many months have those, y’know.  So if you feel like some more stitchy fun, head on over to Mr XStitch, where they’re having a Fifth Friday Festival of Fabulousness.  Books, stitchings, and a craft swap!  I’ve already signed up for the swap, so I’m excited.

Thwarted actress. Expect hysterics.

Whatever you choose to do with your Friday, make sure it’s fun, OK?

All quiet on the creative front.  I’ve been a busy bee with Other Things, as expounded on my Disobedient Child blog, but I have finally gotten round to tidying up my storage area.  One day I’ll have a proper studio, or at least a workroom, and then I can pretend to be a Proper Artist, but until then I’ll just shuffle boxes around in the corner of my bedroom, and tell myself that putting labels on them is just as professionally fulfilling. Anyhoo, I found an awesome sock lurking in my Crate of Sockness (a bit like a Heart of Darkness.  But not very.), and after some Picky Miss Jiggery Pokery (and yes that is a technical term) it became…. this!


He so happy!  He can make you so happy, too.  I have no idea what his name is; he won’t tell me.  But anyway, I can’t keep him here, I don’t even have a proper studio, so I’ve put his lovely cuddly self up for adoption.  He’s not on Etsy or Folksy yet, because of camera problems, but he really wants a new home by Christmas.  Studio not a requirement.  UPDATE: He is! He is on Etsy! Still The Nameless One, though.

Such a wee cutie! Well, so you’d think.
Doesn’t like raindrops on roses or whiskers on kittens, or bright copper kettles, or warm woollen mittens. Does like sharp objects and the colour black. You win some you lose some, eh?

Now available in my Etsy shop, along with a host of other cuddlies. Go on, go take a peek! They all need homes you know.

It has been brought to my attention that a fair few visitors to this site are looking not for quirky cross stitch, cuddly monsters, or how to season crocodile soup, but are in fact thirsting for the knowledge that will enable them to go away and make *their own* sock monster. Well hey, as an obsessive trawler of internet crafty how-to’s myself, let me see what I can do to help.

Without further ado, I give you:

How to make a sock monster

Warning: I am much better at showing than explaining. You may need to stretch your imagination to get much sense out of these instructions (or better still, book me to do a workshop party 🙂 See what I did there?).

OK, let’s start with this little lady, Princess Katoosh. Ain’t she a dainty?

You will need:
*Two socks – one for the body, one for arms
*Needle and thread (contrasting thread is better for seeing where you’ve stitched. Matching thread is for confident sewers and crazy people)
*Pen or chalk – for drawing where to stitch.
*Buttons, stuffing, and embroidery silk/cotton