Welcome, welcome, one and all, to the new “Monster of the Month” featurette!

It’s February, home of gales, rain, Chinese New Year, Valentine’s Day, and more rain. Monster of the Month this month goes to Nameless. Who has no name. Hence the, er, name.

Nameless is new to this house, and asked if she could go exploring, and blog about what she found. Who am I to argue with such cuteness? I’ll hand you over right now:


hello. i don’t hav a name yet becos no one has give me one. i want to see wat is in this house so i did go explorng and i found things that are a bit weerd. fust i found a land of pinknes, inhabyted by GIANT BEARS.

giant bears

me and the GIANT BEARS

they wurnt scary after a bit but they wus at fust becos they were so very extremly big. they talked about me but not too me, wich was not nice so i left them and went elsware. i traveled far, throu many hard ships and then i came to the land of teeny tiny dinosawrs.

tiny dinosaurs

me and the tiny dinosawrs

they wer very curius and sweet, but this one in the pictur bit me, wich was not nice. i think it wus probaly just grumpy thou becos it was scared. it’s ok to be scared, but i was only stroking it so it shoold not hav been scared.

i hear that febuary is when valentins day is, wich is wen you show someone you love them. i think this is very sweet. i love hug. hug is a monkey i met when i was explorng and he is the most lovely monkey i ever did meet.


me and hug

i love hug very much and hug loves me too. i think i will give hug some choclates for a valentin present, but don’t tell him it’s a suprise.


(Because I am heartless and mercenary, Nameless will be appearing in my Etsy shop very soon. If you buy her, you can give her a real name. She’d like that. Maybe you could teach her to spell, while you’re at it.) *UPDATE* Nameless has now been rehomed, hooray! And a very good home it is too.


Wow, I’ve just got back from the most amazing weekend! I took my monsters to Festival at the Edge, where not only did I get to experience some awe-inspiring storytelling, but also got to show lots of enthusiastic people how much fun it is to make a sock monster. Even my designated ‘Artist Liaison’ (yes, I had my own Artist Liaison, I’m still showing off about that) and event steward got involved, they just couldn’t resist!

Doorkeeping and monster-making, high-vis vest optional

From just three basic patterns, people somehow made each monster different – this release of imagination is what really gives me a buzz about running workshops.

Homeward bound

One person made a cat-monster, another a snail. I even saw one monster (from a young lad who enjoyed the first workshop so much he came back the next day for another go!) dressed in a dinner jacket, with brass buttons, carrying a white rose, because “he’s just on his way back from a wedding”.
If you were at one of these workshops, please send me a picture of your monster, and I’ll post it on here. Sorry to those who missed all the fun, but I’m sure you ended up doing something just as brilliant 🙂


Big love to the festival organisers, I had so much fun both teaching and learning.

As you are no doubt aware, now begins the time of year when lost and abandoned gloves are to be seen in gutters everywhere. Poor things.

It has long been believed that gloves, like socks, mate for life. New evidence, however, suggests that whilst monogamy is widespread, so too is the desire to strike out alone. Gloves as a species appear to be at a transitional point in their evolution. Whilst we have witnessed an increase in independent gloves, the desire for freedom and new horizons still exceeds the practical capabilities of the individual to achieve these aims safely.

I have rescued a few of these hapless creatures, and given them new lives, as can be seen below. I hope soon to have a new site dedicated to glove rescue, but until then they can stay here, with my socks.

Cruelly abandoned at Kelham Island Museum, Sheffield

(View this Mitten Monster as rescued.)

Deep sea lurker. Found in London, somewhere on the Northern Line.

Deep sea lurker. Found in London, somewhere on the Northern Line.

Sea-creaturey-thing. Found on Overton Road, Sheffield.

Sea-creaturey-thing. Found on Overton Road, Sheffield.

Cheery street musician. Found in Victoria Station, London.

Cheery street musician. Found in Victoria Station, London.

Happy chappy. Found on Walkley Lane, Sheffield.

Happy chappy. Found on Walkley Lane, Sheffield.

I was recently invited by the amazing and inspiring storyteller Shonaleigh to create some monsters for a residential workshop (Walking the Wild Woods) she was running for other storytellers. She said this workshop is all about change, and learning to see the extraordinary in the ordinary. She asked each participant to send, along with their payment, and paperwork, and all that gubbins, a sock, and a brief biography of themselves. I was then given these socks, and these stories, and used them to create a monster for each person, which I hope in some way reflected a little of their personality. The ordinary became the extraordinary.

'Nooo, we're not supposed to play with matches, we'll get in trouble' 'Ah come on, they'll never know. Hey, watch this...'

When the monsters were presented, halfway through the course, the reactions of their new owners just gave me the biggest buzz 😀 Everyone was amazed, and thrilled. And really, that’s what I love the most about sock monsters, their unfailing ability to make people smile.

'I want to watch Noggin the Nog' 'You chose last time!' 'Give me that'

I’d love the opportunity to do another project like this, so if you know anyone who’d be interested, you know where to send them!

I got you, babe